New Blog, New FloRaeMe

My new blog and website!

I set up a blog several years ago on blogger, followed by a Twitter account, website, Facebook page and various other social media identities all dedicated to the creative world of FloRaeMe.  Sadly I don’t have as much time to craft  and maintain a creative social media presence these days, so I’m amalgamating some of my outlets – the first being my new wordpress site which will form my new blog and website.

Polymer Clay Drum Beads

Polymer Clay Drum Beads

I design and sell polymer clay beads and ready to wear jewellery. My designs have historically  been fun and colourful and inspired primarily by the natural world, travel and yummy food (particularly cupcakes).

The past couple of years though, I have reconnected with a lost part of me. I love 80’s horror and sci-fi/fantasy, I’m a bit of a dreamer, I’m a wannabee pastel Goth and I have an alternative heart. So expect to see some of those things creeping into my work now too :).

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