Borrowed Blogging Moments

I don’t as much time to blog as I would like. Actually I don’t get as much time to create as I would like, yet my blogging time seems even shorter!

A good part of my blog posts are written on the bus, when I’m on the way to meet with a friend, visit the City or off to my day job. I’m sat on the bus now – It doesn’t provide the most inspired of spaces but if it’s the only time I get to write a little, crop and resize my photos etc, well then I’ll take it!

There’s less functionality in the app, so I’ll perhaps edit this later on, but this is my post for now.

I’m sure many creative minds and crafty folk can appreciate my struggle.

So whilst this isn’t a very photo deserving blog post, I’ll just leave a little link to my Ferris wheel carriage earrings boomerang photo on Instagram.