Another Walk in the World of Photography

A few years ago, I took a wander in the world of jewellery/crafting and photography. Now, after a few years away from selling things in my shop and taking anything other than point and click photos, I think I need to revisit that place again.

When I did my previous experiment, I was exasperated at trying to get a good, clear and accurate photo of my creations using my digital camera. I had read manuals, guides and tutorials on how to get good photos, but I still found that my photos were giving me varied results. The consensus seemed to be that it’s preferable to use a white background for your creations, especially jewellery. However in doing this the camera sees all the white in the background and assumes that the picture is being over exposed – the whiter and brighter I tried to get my photos it seemed the darker they turned out. To compensate for this I used the exposure plus setting which helped somewhat, but I still had those white backgrounds turning out a little blue or grey.  Although you can edit photos using software, the free software I was using altered the colour of the creation, which of course I didn’t want.

So I ran an experiment photographing yellow beads on different coloured backgrounds but keeping the camera settings the same each time. You can see the resulting photos in my other article, but on doing this experiment the conclusions I drew were that you have to adjust the lighting and background colours in your photo until you find the setting that works best with the piece you are photographing. So sadly it seems, there is no simple answer.

Now having a camera phone which is more powerful than my digital camera, I have tried (so far in vain) to work it all out again.  I’ve been using the AI mode – so the camera/phone does a lot of the work but as I don’t have a tripod, a slight change in angle of the camera (so easy to do) can mean a change in camera settings. Yep and as we now know, a slight change in settings can result in a different colour rendition of the beads/creation on each photograph. See below for my little experiment using the same background but 1 photo uses the AI setting on my phone camera and the other the pro setting with a slight “plus exposure” added. In the last photo, it’s actually different neutral backgrounds using the AI. Do you have a favourite?

FloRaeMe polymer clay pandas (1)FloRaeMe polymer clay pandas (2)FloRaeMe polymer clay pandas (5)FloRaeMe polymer clay pandas (6)FloRaeMe polymer clay pandas (4)

Yep, looks like its back to work for me to understanding the the pro setting on my camera and all its uses and testing every set of beads or creation with a different background! Oh and maybe purchasing a tripod would be good.

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