Wirework Skulls Cameo and Nails Pendant

My three main craft loves are polymer clay, wirework and beadweaving. I tend to go through phases of what I create/work on. Some of that is down to what is interesting and influencing me at the time but also it is heavily influenced by what I have out on my craft desk!

I have to say that for me I tend to get a lot of tools and materials out – both on my craft desk and all over the craft room floor – when I’m working on something so I’ll tend to keep on working on that for a while.

Anyone else work like this?

I would love some kind of system of easily storing interim projects – and not just putting them in to a box “to be finished” at a later date!

So recently is has been wirework. Wrapping, twisting, coiling. My supply of wires of different colours and sizes are out of the floor and many wirework tools are out over my craft table.

Here’s a project I worked on recently for a Goth friend who was going through a challenging time. It’s a handmade pendant (the cameo was purchased but I put the backing on this) encased in wire with nail clusters added. He loves it 🙂

Wirework Skull Cameo and Nails pendant FloRaeMe

You can also find a video of this on my instagram feed: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxkF2rwFI6q/